Brick-and-mortar and online retail stores have been stepping up their game with the help of technology. Digital ads and virtual showrooms provide customers with a new and convenient way to shop, so it’s only right to have a convention where innovative retailers can share their secret sauce for staying trendy. The annual conference brings together the best and latest trends, techniques, and technology from retail giants to online indies.

Xclaim Mobile is excited to announce that we’ll be attending this year’s We’ll be in the Tech Lab – booth 12 in the office section, to be exact – to demonstrate our location-based notification software that puts a new spin on digital marketing. The Tech Lab is dedicated to startups whose tech promises to level up customers’ retail experience by allowing “attendees to experience the ‘technologies of the future’ via custom-designed simulations in the store, home, and office.” Of course, we can’t miss out on it, either.

Just attending a conference can be boring, and our booth is small and doesn’t give you a chance to see our tech at work, but we’re used to challenges, and we know you are too. So we thought we would put your problem-solving skills and our tech to good work with a scavenger hunt. We will scatter several beacons in and around the conference that trigger our opt-in notification system. If you’re worried about downloading another app, you can skip that. We’re app-less.

Xclaim Mobile location-based advertising software doesn’t require you to download an app; just opt-in here on our website to turn your mobile device into a beacon hunter. Find the Master, and you have a chance to win big. If scavenger hunts aren’t your thing, you can stop by our booth to enter a raffle. Or you can stop by to chat and see how our tech can help your business reach potential customers.

If you’re not able to attend, don’t worry. We’ll be doing on-the-ground coverage of the conferences. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on the happenings of

We are buzzing with excitement as we count down to the conference. We hope to see you there, and remember:

X marks the sale.


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