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Dallas-based Mobile Offer Platform Named to Innovator list by Insider Trends

DALLAS, TX – Xclaim Mobile, the streamlined mobile offer platform that extends digital advertising and drives engagement, was named as part of an elite worldwide list of retail tech start-ups. Insider Trends, a London-based trend consultancy that helps global brands create world-leading and profitable retail ecosystems, named Xclaim a Top 50 Retail Tech Start-up Worldwide. As a leader in trendspotting in the world of retail, Insider Trends is a trusted resource for retailers.

“It’s an honor for our young company to receive such a great honor and resounding support from our retail marketing peers,” said Brain Maupin, Xclaim Mobile CEO. “It’s certainly encouraging to be named among brand innovators who share our passion for next generation technologies that propel retail concepts to a new level of engagement with their customers.”

Xclaim Mobile was recently named one of the Top 500 Startups at Innovate. The Dallas-based company started in 2016 by CEO Brian Maupin and CTO Josh Ellinger. The two shared a long track record of joint projects and developed the Xclaim mobile offer platform while working with Exemplar Technologies. The company spun off into Xclaim Mobile and today serves many Fortune 50 companies across the country.

“Our mobile offer technology is very unique and gives marketers the ability to really harness the power of mobile by meeting customers wherever they are,” said Maupin. “We offer location-based offers that pinpoint the exact device and mobile wallet that makes engagement really skyrocket. It’s really a streamlined experience that drives real traffic for retailers.”

Xclaim’s offer platform can detect the device, location and wallet type to deliver a streamlined experience to customers. Its location-based marketing can enhance existing digital ads with real-time click data. Customers can also save offers for later, as well as being redirected to purchase immediately. Xclaim can also trigger alerts in certain geo-locations and send push notifications to remind shoppers about saved and expiring offers.


Dallas-based Xclaim Mobile’s offer platform enables brands to drive response and revenue by enhancing existing digital ads with real-time click data. Xclaim’s proprietary software detects device, location and wallet type delivering a streamlined experience to customers regardless of type of ad or device used. The marketing-focused platform serves large enterprise clients in telecommunications, consumer lending, and retail industries. Xclaim Mobile was recently named a Top 50 Retail Tech Start-up Worldwide by Insider Trends and also one of the Top 50 Startups at Innovate.

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