It’s becoming more common these days to “window shop” online before entering a store, and that’s if you set foot into a brick-and-mortar store at all. Most younger consumers will have spent time researching what they want (and making sure they can get it at the best price possible) before ever going into a physical store. Once they’re there, it’s a dash to grab what they need, use self-checkout if available, and go home. There’s very little, if any, contact with store associates. These consumers already did all their research before they even drove to the store.

Turns out this isn’t just a stereotype of “kids these days”. A recent study by Zebra Technologies found that a little over 50% of millennials felt that they were “better connected” than associates in the stores that they were going to. In these cases, the customer had already done their research before setting foot in the store, and if they had questions about a product, they would simply turn back to their phones to research and find the answer that they were looking for. It seems that nowadays store associates are often only being consulted by customers for directions on where to find a product in the store itself.

Maybe it’s time to look at spending money on something more effective than store associates. If consumers are using their phones more and more to research products, then it makes sense to spend money on digital marketing. Things like push-notification ads, location-based marketing, and the ability to save coupons or special offers to their phone are more tempting and beneficial to the savvy consumers of today than having store associates standing by. Xclaim Mobile is helping companies turn these consumer desires into realized profit. With expertise in digital marketing and the tools to help reach current and potential customers wherever they are, Xclaim is helping businesses convert their ideas into feasible and effective marketing campaigns. With current trends, there isn’t a need to wait for a store associate to answer questions when it’s just a quick mobile search away.

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