Brian Maupin, CEO Xclaim Mobile, recommends this article to all Marketers about how technology is transforming mobile marketing in 2017!  Consumers once again are moving at a faster pace than the mobile mar-tech space. Marketing departments who finally got their App budget and strategy approved are already behind the curve because consumers today are very selective when downloading new apps and even when they do, their lack of use and uninstall rate is ridiculously high at 77% gone in the first 3 days and 95% after 90 days according to the latest reports.  

Ironically, the article goes on to proclaim that the typically-app-driven location data services are HOT!  You’d be in good company if you thought “An App for that” was your best bet to get into geo-triggered Push Notifications, but we at Xclaim Mobile are here to debunk that myth!  Within a couple of clicks into any digital ad, your prospects and your customers may save an Offer into their device and then continue to your landing page…. and wait for it….  With no app download, they will receive your branded Push Notifications at the exact time and place your offer matters the most to them!

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