Retailers are moving forward with the Internet of Things (IoT). This includes a variety of devices, largely involving sensors for security, inventory, and marketing. The primary IoT investments in marketing are being made in beacons, which use Bluetooth communications to transmit messages to devices nearby.

Chase Martin shared some exciting news in a recent Mediapost article titled 70% Of Retailers Investing In Beacons For Location-Based Marketing. He reveals what percentage of executives surveyed expect to use location-based marketing by 2021. Hint: it’s 70%. Over 1,700 executives participated in the study, which was conducted across multiple retail segments by Research Now and Qualtrics on behalf of Zebra Technologies. As the competition for retail market share continues to be fierce, the winners will be the retailers that are able to deliver better customer experiences.

Smartphones are ubiquitous today, and virtually every consumer that enters a store will be carrying one. The beacons will be installed throughout retail spaces and programmed to deliver ads, offers, information, directions, and more, via consumers’ mobile devices. Marketing strategies will excel when marketers understand how to leverage the ability to deliver this information throughout the retail experience and provide consumers with the best data, flexibility, and relevant offers. The most successful apps will also allow consumers to manage their offers and find out more information directly from the offers received.

We are ready to meet this challenge as the beacons are deployed. Our software is built from the ground up to receive the information from these beacons and is designed to streamline the mobile marketing experience by enhancing digital campaigns. Customers will have the ability to opt-in on retailers’ offers, maintain privacy and control, and even save offers in their existing Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Microsoft Wallets. Once the ads are saved, the retailer can change, refresh, renew, or retarget the offer to provide the most relevant offer possible.

Image: Beacon Icon by mcmurryjulie

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