Google AdWords is one of the most widely used marketing tools for businesses. However, even if campaigns are performing well with AdWords, there still might be some things that can be done to further improve performance. According to an article by Entrepreneur, there are three strategies that can assist with this.

The first step when reviewing marketing strategies is to look over the entire campaign to see what’s performing well and what’s not quite living up to expectations. For instance, broken links, incorrect settings, and nonspecific metrics are all things that should be avoided. Metrics should be clear; that way it’s easy to see how the campaign is progressing, from week to week and month to month.

Second, once you’ve established the parameters that will be used to evaluate how the business is doing, check and see what specifically is causing the campaign to perform well and what’s having the opposite effect. Once those outliers have been identified, think about what to keep and what to throw away. Look at how you’re presenting your idea and its accessibility – sometimes it’s the presentation that affects the return. For instance, most people love convenience. It’s part of the reason why things like Apple Wallet have become commonly used. Connecting to Apple Wallet, like our software does, is a far more effective and efficient way to assist with pairing ads with potential customers.

Finally, once the settings on campaigns have been tweaked until they’re just right, it’s time to think about expanding! New keywords and vibrant image ads are just a few ways that broadening the impact and reach of an ad can help. Humans are visual beings, and the constant use of Instagram and Twitter has shortened audience attention spans so that everything – especially ads – need to be bigger and bolder than ever.

All in all, Google AdWords is a great marketing tool to help reach new customers and to be seen by the audience that you want. Paired with the push-notification abilities, real-time on-site ads, and saved deals option provided by Xclaim Mobile, it might just be the perfect match to push businesses’ marketing to the next level.

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