Xclaim Mobile is back at the office after an exciting visit to the Texas Independent Automobile Dealers Association (TIADA) Conference & Expo.

This was our first year at TIADA, and we successfully demonstrated our technology and the benefits of mobile offers to a variety of dealers, all of who seemed to have had an “ah-ha” moment when shown how mobile offers solve the problematic issues dealers face with daily.

With mobile offers dealers have the ability to automate customer engagement through our drip campaign, a pre-selected engagement response tool. Your salesperson no longer has to continuously call or message the same lead over and over. Instead, dealers can send them constant reminders via push notifications directly to their phones lock screen. Increasing traffic to your web page, all while getting insight on customer behavior.

Xclaim Mobile helps dealers use this information to prioritize hot leads efficiently. Dealers can now watch live on their CRM how their customers interact with mobile offers and target the most active and involved users. Dealers will always know exactly who will be the next, most effective lead to follow up with. Creating a new way for dealers to spend more time closing a sale and less time chasing cold leads.

Mobile offers open up a whole new marketing channel with push notifications and geofenceing. Additionally dealers can take part in offer rotation. Updating old or expired incentives into a new and exciting offer that is automatically updated to their customer’s phones. Mobile offers are the right solution for finding the right customer exactly in that moment of interest, and is an excellent reengagement tool for turning that one time purchase into a repeated loyal customer.

Xclaim Mobile wants to show you how mobile offers can help your dealership find real quality leads and how to turn those leads into a loyal customer. For a free demo call Bryson, our Director of Automotive, at 210.478.2822 or email us at marketing@xclaimmb.com.

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