At Xclaim Mobile, we are always willing to innovate, explore, and learn. In 2017 Xclaim integrated our product quickly into the sales process of a major Telco company. Our technology helps them sell hundreds of additional phones every month, at a fraction of the normal marketing cost.

While trying to help retailers innovate, many were too busy surviving to try new technology. Some retailers realized what Steve Dennis said, “Retail is not dead. Boring retail is.” Yet, while most should take Steve’s advice in point 8 of the linked Forbes article, “You have to get started, and you had better hurry,” most are too shell shocked by Amazon to take action.

Consumers want value, and everybody defines that differently. If you can provide value, whether that is in the form of savings, time given back, or convenience, YOU WILL SUCCEED!

The automotive industry has a great opportunity to provide value to car shoppers. We will be applying our technology & lessons learned to the automotive industry. We will help dealers leverage the marketing side of Apple Pay & Google Pay to provide value to car shoppers. Stay tuned as we embark on a new adventure.

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