We can’t hide our excitement about the opportunities in mobile advertising today. While the ad industry slows down in overall growth (partly due to surges from Olympics sponsorships and the presidential election in 2016 coming to an end), mobile ad spending is growing faster. The fact that you just might be reading this on your smartphone might be a factor in that trend.

Of course, we don’t want to seem too excited, but we can’t argue with Kelly Liyakasa, who recently out-excited us in her Ad Exchanger article Zenith And Magna: Total Ad Spend Growth May Be Soft, But Mobile, Search And Social Are Superstars. She reports that ad spending for mobile will exceed $100 billion for the first time this year, and $150 billion by 2019. The audience is in place and the commitment from vendors is real.

We understand the dynamics of mobile marketing. We have our smartphones with us wherever we go, and we use them. Robert Williams shared some interesting data that confirms what we suspected in Mobile defies slower pace of ad growth. He reports on survey results that found two-thirds of smartphone users check their phones every 30 minutes or less. And if that’s not enough, 22 percent will look every five minutes.

We appreciate the growth in mobile ad spending—we really do. Of course, the purpose is never solely to spend money on ads; the purpose is to grow our businesses. The same survey that Williams cited for the frequency of smartphone touches also revealed that 90 percent of users can recall specific mobile ads within a few days of the ad originally being shown. The potential for much better performance in mobile advertising over non-mobile advertising is part of the reason we created Xclaim Mobile.

We’re here to help. Our platform was built from the ground up to help you get the most from your mobile ads. By adding our service to your existing campaigns, we can extend the response window 25X and provide a 5X boost in incremental sales. And we don’t need to add another application—we use Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Microsoft Pay to seamlessly reach customers without a separate app for them to download. We use geo-location alerts to remind users while they are near you, and they can even save specific ads for when they’re ready to take action later.

Image: Good to know by albersHeinemann on Pixabay

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