The concept of micro-moments began only two years ago, when the need for immediate personalized information became widespread among internet searchers. People wanted information—in the moment—about where to go, what to do, and how to shop. Because of this increase in more targeted and localized searches, marketers could respond to consumers in a more useful and personal way.

Now, at the end of 2017, the micro-moment behavior is more important than ever. Instant access to nearly unlimited information has become part of our daily decision-making, and the more we are given, the more we desire. Consumers continue to seek more information, speedier results, and more personalized experiences.

Consumers are well informed, right here, right now

Consumers have always done their research when making big purchases, both in the early days of the Internet and before it even existed. We may have researched cars, vacation destinations, or family-friendly neighborhoods—but research was more of a chore back then, requiring a substantial time and energy investment. Today, research is at the tip of our digitally connected fingers, easier than ever before. According to data from Google, “mobile searches for ‘best’ have grown 80% in the past two years.” And it’s not only highly valued items that consumers are researching—for example, searches for “best toothbrush” have more than doubled in the previous two years. Consumers are researching all choices, big and small, and are looking for detailed information and reviews to help them make decisions.

In addition, recent consumer behaviors show that people expect their mobile devices to know where they are located and where they are looking. Previously, a specified location would be required for a localized search, but nowadays, our phones pinpoint our location for us and can effortlessly provide relevant and location-specific responses to our inquiries.

When mobile devices can identify the “right here” consumer, they can help target the “right now” consumer as well. Do you need last-minute dinner reservations, a hotel booking, or a prescription to be filled? Mobile device users are purchasing from their devices, in the moment, 50% more often than they were last year.

Mobile devices empower consumers to be spontaneous, yet organized at the same time. And to target the well-informed “right here, right now” consumer, retailers must provide specific, personalized, and detailed responses to search requests.

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