Apps and ads. Ads and apps. It’s a never-ending battle out there for us to get the best from our mobile devices, and to avoid the apps and ads that are just a nuisance. Of course, as much as we don’t think we like ads, we can still get excited when the right offer suddenly becomes available at the right time. But the others … not so much.

Not too long ago, or far away, mobile phones were simply phones! You could make calls and receive calls, and that was cool. But we really grew devoted as mobile phones became ‘smart’ and gained access to the internet. Now we have these smart devices that let us connect online and interact with the world from anywhere—and we can use them to find new places to shop or eat, to find great deals, and more.

We appreciate our chosen apps, but sometimes they can be a hassle when they’re not being used. Some developers have adopted the practice of using our apps to send us ads—and if we’re using the app, we can understand how that might work. But when those ads are pushed as notifications onto our phone’s lockscreen, that practice can become intrusive. That’s part of why we created Xclaim Mobile. We allow users to opt in for content and ads they are seeking, and we help vendors get that content to users the way they want it, without the intrusive (and sometimes deceptive) ad pushes from individual apps.

Google recently changed their ad policy to prevent apps from pushing ads to phones’ lockscreens. You can see the policy here: among other things, apps can no longer “introduce ads or features that monetize the locked display of a device.” We developed our platform from the ground up, however, so that you can get further benefit from the tools you already use—like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Microsoft Wallet—with personalized offers being presented through these tools on an opt-in basis. Vendors can use their existing ad campaigns, and when you opt in, they can present the ads that you want, when you want, and even extend the timing of an offer, all without a dedicated app that takes up space on your phone. This lets you take advantage of an offer that appeals to you—but without the clutter, and only when you’re ready.

Featured Image: The Samsung nook lockscreen by Harrison Weber on Flickr

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