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We’ve been there and know how stressful it is to hit your metrics. Our state of the art technology eases the transition for your company to mobile marketing so you can start promoting.


Our mobile offer platform was built from the ground-up to streamline your move to mobile by simply enhancing your existing digital campaigns. Your digital ad’s click-thru will have real-time device detection that delivers a hyper-localized mobile offer to your customer.


Our proprietary software gives you location-based, clean, and fast marketing. Only a few taps into your digital ad and your customer’s phone is activated for time and location triggered alerts.


We are the only solution on the market that makes your offers compatible to save in any of the 3 leading mobile wallets: Apple Pay, Android Pay, and MS Wallet. Marketers become company heroes and your customers will love how you simplified their mobile lives.

Partners & Accolades

Partners & Accolades

About the Company

Xclaim Mobile’s offer platform enables brands to drive response and revenue by enhancing existing digital ads with real-time click data. That means more bang for your buck. More eyes on your ads. More potential for response. More attention for your brand. More of what matters. And, let’s face it, eventually world domination.

Xclaim’s proprietary software detects device, location and wallet type delivering a streamlined experience to customers regardless of type of ad or device used. We’re able to do what an app can’t do by going straight for the sale.

Our marketing-focused platform serves large enterprise clients in telecommunications, consumer lending, and retail industries. We were listed in the Top 50 Retail Tech Start-up Worldwide by Insider Trends and also one of the Top 50 Startups at Innovate. We’re kind of a big deal (not really, but we are getting noticed…which is nice…everyone likes to get noticed…especially your digital ads).

Let us help you reach your customers through their most important device, and take your marketing to another level. Remember, X marks the sale.

The Team

Mike Kuryak

Mike Kuryak


Results driven business development entrepreneur in Technology and Financial Services

Josh Ellinger

Josh Ellinger


Data/AI Engineer with deep experience in Credit Analytics

Bryson Wersonske

Bryson Wersonske

Director of Automotive

Sales professional with automotive and finance experience
Paul Roncal

Paul Roncal


Digital marketer with customer service & QA experience

Dallas Office

8144 WALNUT HILL LN, #310
DALLAS, TX 75231

Xclaim Mobile – Dallas
8144 Walnut Hill Ln, #310
Dallas, TX 75231

Austin Office

701 BRAZOS ST, #1604
AUSTIN, TX 78701

Xclaim Mobile – Austin
701 Brazos St, #1604
Austin, TX 78701


Text the word “ATT” to 512-412-3622



Text the word “DEMO” to 512-412-3622

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