Xclaim Mobile hires Bryson Wersonske as Director of Automotive to tackle automotive vertical

Dallas, TX – Xclaim Mobile is excited to announce Bryson Wersonske as Director of Automotive. Bryson spent four years in the trenches on the floor, working Internet sales, and in finance. After seeing how frustrating the process is to both the customer and salesman, Bryson became determined to transform the car buying experience.

Xclaim Mobile’s (xclaimmb.com) technology leverages the hidden marketing channel built into everyone’s phone. The same technology that powers movie and airline tickets in digital wallets, such as Apple Pay and Android Pay, provides Push Notifications without requiring an app download.

Bryson started building a team and gathering resources to simplify the car buying experience when he came across Xclaim Mobile. Bryson notes, “Xclaim Mobile’s technology solves an important problem for dealerships. It integrates mobile in to the customer car buying journey and ownership lifecycle. The Auto industry is about to undergo a massive transformation and the winners will be the dealers who can adapt.”

Joshua Ellinger, Co-Founder & CTO, said “Crossing paths with Bryson at the Capital Factory in Austin, I knew we needed to team up with him. We have all this expertise around mobile marketing and analytics, but we had been offering general-purpose capabilities to resellers in the Auto space without really understanding what the people on the front-line needed. Bryson brings first-hand knowledge about how dealerships operate today and a clear understanding of their challenges. Together, we plan to deliver a platform that enables efficient collaboration between consumers and sales staff to replace the clunky, inefficient, and frustrating experience that exists today.”

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