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  • “The most compatible mobile offer solution on the planet.”

  • “Location-based mobile marketing has never been this easy!”

  • “Our mobile alerts even reach non‑Customers”

  • “Reach more than just your loyal customers on mobile”

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Xclaim Mobile

The world’s first enterprise-grade mobile offer platform that completely works:


In any of your existing digital ads


Without making people download an app


Delivering time and location triggered alerts


Without disrupting business-as-usual


Reaching both prospects and customers


On Apple, Android, and Windows phones

How it Works

Step 1. Customers click on any of your digital ads

Xclaim is like nothing else in Location-based Marketing. We fill the void between ad click and loyal customer. Our proprietary software detects device, location, and wallet type, providing a streamlined experience regardless of type of ad or device used.

Step 2. Customers are asked to save your offer on mobile

Customers simply tap Add or Cancel with 100% opt-in. Xclaim customizes your offer to be accepted by Apple Pay, Android Pay, and MS Wallet.

Step 3. All Choices will next redirect them to your brand landing page

100% of campaign click & sales goals hit your own reporting systems. Customers who want to buy immediately, will do so. Others will also have the Mobile Offers saved.

Step 4. Customers get alert notifications at relevant locations you select

Geo-location Alerts are triggered by lat/long or beacons and display on top of customers screen alerting them even when device is not actively in use.

Step 5. Send push notifications to customers any day, any time

Create urgency with reminders… “Offer Expiring Soon!” Gives your customers a second chance and encourages them to take advantage of your offers.

Step 6. Customers tap these notifications to claim offer now

The saved Mobile Offer helps Customers call a sales center, click to buy online, or map out directions. They have a simple way to reconnect, saving time and hassle.

Step 7. Push replacements for old expired offers with new current offers

Automatic updates require no additional customer clicks. Once an Offer is saved, your customers will always have your best deal on their most important device. Xclaim manages the technology so you can focus on marketing!

Try it Now. Text the word “Demo” to 512-960-2054

About Us

Brian and Josh have worked together for over 12 years in Targeted Marketing. Brian was running the country’s largest credit-based customer acquisition program for AT&T and hired Josh’s company, Exemplar Technologies, to play a key role in credit data management. After an 18 year career with AT&T, Brian was recruited to bring Big Data into the Restaurant industry as the CIO of the country’s largest and fastest-growing barbecue chain. Once again Brian and Josh teamed up. The location-based Mobile Offer product that Exemplar developed served as a precursor to the launch of Xclaim Mobile in 2016. Brian and Josh together are leading Xclaim to serve our Fortune 50 Telco client and introduce Mobile Offers to corporate marketers in Consumer Lending and Retail.

Brian Maupin, CEO

Former CIO in Retail and
Executive in AT&T Marketing

Brian's Profile

Josh Ellinger, CTO

Data/AI Engineer with deep
experience in Credit Analytics

Josh's Profile

Paul Roncal, Operations

Digital marketer with
customer service & QA experience

Paul's Profile



We at Xclaim Mobile understand the corporate marketer’s dilemma. We’ve been there and know how stressful it can be to hit your metrics, especially when the game keeps changing! Our state of the art technology eases the transition for your company to start promoting and getting real results.



Our Mobile Offer platform was built from the ground-up to streamline your move to mobile by simply enhancing your existing digital campaigns. Your digital ad’s click-thru will have real-time device detection that delivers a hyper-localized mobile offer to your customer. The customer has all the privacy and control right at their fingertips.



Our proprietary software gives you location-based clean and fast marketing. Only a few taps into your digital ad and your customer’s phone is activated for time and location triggered alerts. Marketers become company heroes and your customers will love the seamless experience.



We are the only solution on the market that makes your offer content compatible to save into any of the 3 leading mobile wallets of Apple Pay, Android Pay, and MS Wallet. Marketers become company heroes and your customers will love how you simplified their mobile lives.

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